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  1. Sep 10,  · Ascension, in Christian belief, the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection (Easter being reckoned as the first day). The Ascension represents the glorification and exaltation of Jesus following his death and .
  2. 2 days ago · The Ascension is also at times a sensuous, romantic album—even if the romance is ever in peril—that reminded me of recent alternative or bedroom pop (i.e., unpopular pop) by artists such as.
  3. Feb 04,  · The ascension of Jesus describes Christ’s transition from earth to heaven after his life, ministry, death, and resurrection. The Bible refers to the ascension as a passive action—Jesus was "taken up" into heaven. Through the ascension of Jesus, God .
  4. 2 days ago · The Ascension, in comparison, is spare and sad, purposefully repetitive and almost entirely down-tempo. Many of its arrangements evoke steep, neon-lit .
  5. 2 days ago · Sufjan Stevens' New Album 'The Ascension': Fifty States Of Grey On his new album, The Ascension, Stevens beautifully considers love, doom and the modern condition of our riven commons.
  6. Jan 02,  · The Ascension of Jesus Christ is meaningful for several reasons: 1) It signaled the end of His earthly ministry. God the Father had lovingly sent His Son into the world at Bethlehem, and now the Son was returning to the Father. The period of human limitation was at an end.
  7. 41 rows · May 08,  · The Ascension is a legendary back item made available through PvP .
  8. The Ascension will be available on streaming, digital, CD, cassette, 2xLP black vinyl, and first-pressing 2xLP clear vinyl with tip-on gatefold. CD and vinyl include a page booklet of original drawings by Sufjan Stevens. All songs written, recorded and produced by Sufjan Stevens. Cover art and album design by Sufjan Stevens.

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