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  1. Mar 13,  · Vanishing point. 25 February | by sfredman56 – See all my reviews Many people don't know where the radio d.j. was broadcasting from in the movie. He was broadcasting from the then closed Goldfield Hotel, in beautiful "downtown" Goldfield Nevada!/10(K).
  2. Jan 07,  · Directed by Charles Robert Carner. With Viggo Mortensen, Christine Elise, Steve Railsback, Rodney A. Grant. An ex race car driver hurries miles home in a Challenger when his wife has labor problems. Cops in several states try to stop him - initially for speeding/10(K).
  3. Feb 06,  · Vanishing Point is one of the best car films ever made, after Bullitt; this film redefined the car chase genre and gave cinema enthusiasts something truly exhilarating to watch. The film boasts 79%(19).
  4. This is the remake, not the original Vanishing Point. While the story line and parts of the movie deviate from the original, it's a pleasant spin on a cult classic. Really though, you're not watching for the storyline; you're watching because of the car scenes and the car itself.
  5. „Vanishing Point“, so der Originaltitel des Films, ist der Punkt in der Unendlichkeit, an dem sich zwei Parallelen treffen. Auf einer schnurgeraden Straße kann man diesen Punkt in der Ferne sehen, aber man kann ihn nie erreichen. Kowalski, der Mann ohne Vornamen, der nichts mehr hat, außer ein paar melancholischen Erinnerungen fährt /5(K).
  6. Oct 09,  · A vanishing point, or point of convergence, is a key element in many works of art. In a linear perspective drawing, the vanishing point is the spot on the horizon line to which the receding parallel lines diminish. It is what allows us to create drawings, paintings, and photographs that have a three-dimensional look.
  7. Established in , Vanishing Point designs and creates the most advanced, sophisticated and versatile 3D models for various platforms and applications.
  8. Apr 14,  · Vanishing point definition is - a point at which receding parallel lines seem to meet when represented in linear perspective.

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